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James Van Hise (born 1949) is an author who writes about film, television, and comic history. In the 1970s he created and edited the Star Trek fan magazine Enterprise Incidents; during the 1980s and 1990s, he wrote numerous reference guides to the show.

In addition to writing about Star Trek, Van Hise also submitted at least one undeveloped story idea for Star Trek: The Next Generation, which was titled "Deadworld".

According to Van Hise:

"I wrote the story in 1987 at the behest of a mutual friend of Gerd Oswald. Oswald had directed a couple of Star Trek episodes in the sixties and I'd spoken to him while he was directing an episode of the new Twilight Zone for CBS when I visited that studio in 1986. Oswald was looking for a story he could take to Paramount for The Next Generation which he could attach himself to as the director. He read this outline but rejected it as being 'too depressing.' I told my friend that Gerd, who was then in his seventies, was obviously a man who had never come to terms with his own mortality. Gerd Oswald died two years later of cancer." (Trek: The Next Generation)


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