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James Washington is an actor who worked as regular stand-in and photo double for Michael Dorn on Star Trek: The Next Generation. On many call sheets he is listed as J.W..

Washington also served as stand-in for guest actor Paul Winfield on the episode "Darmok". This job included two days of location shooting at Bronson Canyon on 23 July 1991 and 24 July 1991. Another job was the episode "Violations" on which he worked as stand-in for guest actor Rick Fitts.

Washington also appeared as a Malcorian doctor in the fourth season episode "First Contact". For this episode he filmed his scenes on Friday 7 December 1990 and on Monday 10 December 1990 on Paramount Stage 16. In the episode "Galaxy's Child" he had a walk on part as a Starfleet officer in a scene in Ten Forward which he filmed on Thursday 20 December 1990 on Paramount Stage 8. A command division uniform worn by Washington was later also worn (and distressed) by actor Curt Truman. The uniform was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

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