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Jan Shiva is an actress who appeared as a recurring science division crewman in Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background actress she received no credit for her appearances.

Born in India, she was crowned Miss India in 1995. [1] She studied acting under coaches Rick Walters and Kelvin Reese and dance, especially traditional Indian Punjabi dance "Bhangra", the contemporary Indian dance "Filmy", and belly dance under the belly dancing twins and actresses Veena and Neena Bidasha. Beside several stage plays at the UCLA, Shiva appeared in the independent productions The Catch, Monsoon Peak, Scorpino, and E-A-Skee Rapumentary.

Shiva's television work includes the series Smart Guy (starring Tahj Mowry), Life with Roger (1997, starring Hallie Todd), The Jenny McCarthy Show (1997), and Chicken Soup for the Soul (1999). In 2004 she co-wrote and served as executive producer on the short drama Wakan, on which Thomas E. Surprenant worked as make-up department head.

Shiva worked as host for the reality and talk show programs L.A. Pool Party, Hollywood Dish with Shiva, and Take Me Out (2012).

In 2004, she wrote and executive produced the short sport drama Wakan and as an actress she worked on the short action comedy Mad Maxine (2009, written, produced, and starring Alina Andrei) and on the television series Omega 1 (2013, also with Alina Andrei).

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