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[[Category:Earth Starfleet personnel|Taylor, Jane]]
[[Category:Earth Starfleet personnel|Taylor, Jane]]
[[Category:Enterprise (NX-01) personnel|Taylor, Jane]]
[[Category:Enterprise (NX-01) personnel|Taylor, Jane]]
[[Category:Starfleet enlisted personnel|Taylor, Jane]]

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Crewman Jane Taylor (played by Kipleigh Brown) was an EPS control specialist aboard the Earth starship Enterprise (NX-01).

Before coming aboard, Taylor served on Saratoga. Commander Charles Tucker pulled her off to be on Enterprise, making Captain Brody angry.

She was on Rostov's engineering team. Rostov often played practical jokes on her. Tucker maintained that one day Taylor would make a fine chief engineer; she once found a glitch in the injector assembly that everyone else missed.

Taylor was killed during the Xindi attack in the Azati Prime system in February 2154. The section she was in decompressed while she was heading to her battlestation; she died right outside her quarters. (ENT: "The Forgotten")

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