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[[File:Taylor's photograph.jpg|thumb|A picture of the Taylor family]]
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The '''Taylor family''' consisted of [[Jane Taylor]] and her {{dis|Taylor|male|father}} and {{dis|Taylor|female|mother}}.
| image = Jane Taylor.jpg
| imagecap = Jane Taylor
| gender = [[Female]]
| species = [[Human]]
| affiliation = [[United Earth]] [[Starfleet]]
| rank = [[Crewman second class]]
| occupation = [[EPS control specialist]]
| status = Deceased
| datestatus = 2154
| died = [[2154]],<br/>{{NX|Enterprise}} [[corridor]]
| father = [[Taylor (male)|Mr. Taylor]]
| mother = [[Taylor (female)|Mrs. Taylor]]
| actor = [[Kipleigh Brown]]
In [[2154]], {{Trip Tucker}} wrote the [[parent]]s a [[letter]] to tell of their [[daughter]]'s [[death|passing]]. ({{ENT|The Forgotten}})
'''Jane Taylor''' was a [[Human]] [[female]] who served in [[Starfleet]] during the mid-[[22nd century]]. Considered a gifted [[engineer]], [[Charles Tucker III]] pulled her from the ''[[Saratoga]]'' to serve on {{EnterpriseNX|Enterprise}}'s [[engineering]] team. Jane [[Death|died]] in [[2154]], after a [[Xindi]] attack severely damaged ''Enterprise''.
== Career ==
Taylor served aboard ''Enterprise'' for three [[year]]s, presumably from its launch in [[2151]] until her [[death]] in [[2154]]. Prior to this, she served on the ''[[Saratoga]]''. When [[Commander]] [[Charles Tucker III|Tucker]] transferred her to ''Enterprise'', it frustrated {{dis|Captain|rank}} [[Brody]] to the point of anger. Taylor was considered a gifted [[engineer]], and was particularly adept at repairing fused [[power relay]]s (especially those which Tucker was unable to isolate himself).
Taylor was one of eighteen [[crew]]members (affectionately referred to by Captain [[Jonathan Archer]] as "the eighteen") who were killed by the [[Xindi]] during the [[Battle of Azati Prime]] in [[February]] of 2154. The section she was in (identified as either [[NX class decks|section]] 6 or 7 of C [[deck]]) decompressed while she was heading to her station; she died right outside her [[quarters]]. It was said that, had she made it "a few more [[meter]]s," she would have survived the attack.
== Personal relationships ==
Taylor served on [[Michael Rostov]]'s [[engineering]] team, and he frequently played [[practical joke]]s on her. Tucker maintained that, one day, Taylor would make a fine [[chief engineer]]; she once found a glitch in the [[injector assembly]] that everyone else had missed.
Upon Taylor's death at the hands of the Xindi, Commander Tucker was ordered (over his objections) by Captain Archer to compose a personal letter to her parents. Tucker had difficulty writing the message and, after at least two false starts, successfully did so only after speaking with Taylor in a [[dream]]. The process was [[emotion]]ally trying but therapeutic for Tucker, ultimately resulting in his coming to terms with his sister [[Elizabeth Tucker|Elizabeth]] having recently died too.
Taylor kept a framed [[photograph]] of three people on her desk in her quarters. It was damaged during the Xindi attack in which she was killed. ({{ENT|The Forgotten}})
{{bginfo|The final draft script of "The Forgotten" referred to the three individuals in this image as Taylor herself together with her parents.}}
== Tucker's letter ==
The full text of Commander Tucker's letter to Jane Taylor's parents follows:
''[[Taylor (male)|Mr.]] and [[Taylor (female)|Mrs. Taylor]]: By the time you get this, [[Starfleet]] will have already told you about Jane. Since I worked so closely with her, I wanted to add my personal condolences. I have to confess, I've been putting off writing this for a while. I convinced myself that my duties on ''Enterprise'' took precedence. But the truth is, I didn't want to face the fact that someone so young, with so much promise, could just be gone. But I'm facing it now. And I found myself thinking how important she was to me. She was a great engineer. And she was my friend. She won't be forgotten.''
{{bginfo|Jane Taylor was portrayed by [[Kipleigh Brown]] and only made one appearance, in {{ENT|The Forgotten}}.|In the final draft script of "The Forgotten", Taylor was described as "an attractive young woman".|Though Taylor was referred to in dialogue as "crewman" and her [[Starfleet uniform (2140s-early 2160s)|uniform]] [[rank insignia]] were those of [[enlisted]] personnel, she appeared to have her own quarters, which was unusual for noncoms during this period. ({{film|6}}) In addition, Tucker believed she was on her way to becoming a chief engineer, although this is not entirely impossible for an enlisted person (see [[Miles O'Brien]]).}}
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Taylor&#039;s photograph

A picture of the Taylor family

The Taylor family consisted of Jane Taylor and her father and mother.

In 2154, Trip Tucker wrote the parents a letter to tell of their daughter's passing. (ENT: "The Forgotten")

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