Janel Tigan was a male unjoined Trill, the older brother of Ezri Dax and Norvo Tigan, and the son of Yanas Tigan and Mr. Tigan. He helped run the family's pergium mining business on Sappora VII.

By 2375, estrangement from his family, in particular his mother, had driven Janel and his brother into criminal activity and they found themselves associated with the Orion Syndicate. Due to several financial factors, the company had taken a significant downturn due to a competing Ferengi mine on Timor II. Thadial Bokar of the Syndicate approached Janel and offered a loan to alleviate the company, and Janel accepted it under the pressure of running the business and his mother's insistence that he handle it.

In order to continue pressure to do business with the Syndicate, one of the company's employees, Lorkin, was influenced to create convenient engineering mishaps that Janel had to deal with. Eventually, Janel had to fire Lorkin on his mother's insistence.

Later, Bokar asked for his favor to be returned by having a widow of Syndicate operative, Morica Bilby, on the company's payroll as a "shipping consultant" (without responsibilities) in order to provide for her. This turned out to be increasingly detrimental as Morica continued to ask for more latinum. Janel agreed to a point, feeling like he could not deny the Syndicate. At one point, Norvo went to talk with her, but the discussion got very heated and Norvo decided to kill her in the heat of the moment.

Unbeknownst to Janel, Morica had befriended Miles O'Brien, who went to look for her after her death. This also brought his sister back home to look for him. He was glad to see her, but had the weight of the company on him. When O'Brien was brought to the Tigan home, Janel's mother asked him to check on failed equipment, and O'Brien uncovered what really happened with Lorkin. At the same time, Bokar came to pay Janel a visit, both to pressure him for firing Lorkin as well as make him aware of O'Brien's interest in Morica. Janel therefore tried to convince O'Brien and Ezri to leave soon, but Ezri ultimately uncovered her family's ties to the Syndicate and their role in the crime, helping to bring them to justice despite the pain it brought to the family.

Ezri urged her brother to leave the family business behind and a find a new life elsewhere, promising him he'd be be happier somewhere else. (DS9: "Prodigal Daughter")

Janel was portrayed by Mikael Salazar.
According to the novel Saturn's Children, his mirror universe counterpart (β) and that of his mother were murdered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in 2375 for helping more than three hundred Terran slaves escape from New Sydney and Sappora VII. They were turned in by Norvo, who received a full pardon.

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