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Janet Kagan (18 April 194629 February 2008; age 61), born Janet Megson, was a fantasy and science fiction writer. Her only Star Trek work was the Pocket TOS novel Uhura's Song. She wrote one other full length novel, Hellspark, released by TOR with cover art from Rick Sternbach.

In addition to her two novels, she published a large number of short stories, several of which were collected in Mirabile (also published by TOR, and with a cover from Sternbach).

In 1993, Kagan won a Hugo Award for Best Novelette for "The Nutcracker Coup", a story that was also nominated for a Nebula Award.

Her final published work was a short story by the name of "The Stubbornest Broad on Earth", published in Asimov's Science Fiction.

Kagan died on 29 February 2008, from acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. [1]

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  • Mirabile (short story collection)
  • Hellspark

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