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Janine Stillo (born 14 July 1965; age 54) is an actress who appeared as a holographic patron of "Le Coeur de Lion" in the Star Trek: Voyager fourth season episode "The Killing Game". She received no credit for this appearance but was identified by the call sheets. She filmed her scenes on Monday 1 December 1997 and Tuesday 2 December 1997 on Paramount Stage 16.

Other television series she appeared on are Red Shoe Diaries (1994, with Saxon Trainor, Tarik Ergin, and Allan Graf), Erotic Confessions (1996), Friends, and Click (1997). She also worked as body double on the thriller Where Truth Lies (1996, with Kim Cattrall, John Savage, Malcolm McDowell, Eric Pierpoint, and Rod Damer).

Film work includes the action thriller To Protect and Serve (1992, with Jessie Lawrence Ferguson and Kurt D. Lott), the horror film Blonde Heaven (1995), the science fiction comedies Butterscotch: Power Flower (1997) and Butterscotch: Over Berlin (1997), the drama Passion and Romance: Double or Nothing (1997), the romance The Last Embrace (1997, with Shauna O'Brien and Terrence Evans), the comedy The Body Beautiful (1997), the video production Masseuse 2 (1997), the drama Borrowed Life Stolen Love (1997, with Michelle Agnew), the action film Deadly Currency (1998), and the drama Stripper Wives (1999).

Under her artistic name Judy Moulton, she appeared in an episode of Passion Cove (2001). Following her marriage, she has been known as Janine Stillo-Feinman. [1]

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