Prefect Jaris was an Argelian and the highest official of the planet Argelius II during the mid-23rd century. His spouse was named Sybo.

When the Redjac entity committed several murders on the planet in 2267, which seemed to have been committed by Scotty, Jaris was concerned over the influence such crimes committed by an outworlder could have on his people. At first he agreed with his chief investigator Hengist to keep Scott down on the planet and indirectly threatened to close the important space port of Argelius II to Starfleet. However, after his wife had been murdered, he agreed to come to the USS Enterprise for a full investigation of the murders and to accept the ship's methods of investigation against the advice of Hengist. After Redjac had been discovered to have committed the murders via Hengist, the entity left Hengist's body and for a brief time inhabited Jaris. After Spock dispatched Jaris with a nerve pinch, the entity was forced to leave his body and Jaris quickly recovered. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")

Jaris was played by Charles Macauley.
The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 385) and both incorrectly spell the character's name as "Jarvis". The spelling, and pronunciation of "Jaris" were both clearly used in the episode and its ending credits.

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