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Gul Jasad was a Cardassian officer in the Cardassian Guard, Seventh Order during the late-24th century.

In 2369, he commanded a Galor-class warship and led a group of three Cardassian warships to Deep Space 9 after the Prakesh had disappeared in the Bajoran wormhole .

Convinced that Deep Space 9 had somehow destroyed Dukat's ship and refusing to believe Kira's story about a wormhole, Jasad opened fire on the station. Upon Dukat's return through the wormhole, he ordered Jasad to stand down. (DS9: "Emissary")


Background information

Gul Jasad was played by Joel Swetow in his first of three Star Trek appearances.

According to the script, Jasad was pronounced as "jahs-SAD". Furthermore, the script for "Emissary" describes Jasad as "arrogant" and, in one scene, "incredulous, but calm."


In the Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel, A Gutted World, Jasad and his ship visited Terok Nor for repairs in 2373, though Damar had to delay them, instead focusing efforts on getting the anti-proton scan sensors online.

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