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Jasmine Lliteras (born 11 December 1979; age 41) is an actress who played a Romulan senator in Star Trek Nemesis. She received no credit for her appearance. [1]

Born as Jasmine Renee Lliteras in Bellflower, California, shs is the sister of actress Sunshine Lliteras and producer Israel Lliteras. Her parents are producers Marguerite and Ralph Lliteras.

Beside her Star Trek role, she also appeared in the 1997 short film Toxic Remedy. She then worked as associate producer on the television science fiction film The Privateers (2000, with Karl Urban, Walter Koenig, Jack Donner, Ray Proscia, Benjamin Lum, and Karen Sheperd) and as production assistant on the horror thriller Demon Under Glass (2002, with Jack Donner, Ray Proscia, David Jean Thomas, and Sean McGowan).

Today, Lliteras has been working as photographer and executive producer for the production company OTC Productions.

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