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Jason Tabreez was a male of Kelemane's species who lived in the Central Protectorate. The Doctor referred to him as his son.

The Doctor was sent to the surface of Kelemane's planet in 2376 to collect information. Because of a temporal displacement, nearly a day would pass on the surface of the planet for each second in normal time. The Doctor had originally only planned to be on the surface for three days, but because of a transporter malfunction, he was on the planet for a little over three years during the approximately twenty minutes of normal time that it took for the USS Voyager crew to fix the problem. During these three years, he came to be Jason's father.

The Doctor asked Gotana-Retz to find out what happened to Jason when he returned to the surface after visiting Voyager. Many years would have passed on the surface between The Doctor's visit and Gotana-Retz' return, leading The Doctor to believe that Jason had more than likely died during the interim. The Doctor speculated that Jason could have children or grandchildren who were still alive. He requested that Gotana-Retz try to locate them and tell them about him. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")


Background information

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.

The final draft script calls him "Jason Orlastian" instead.


According to the short story "Eighteen Minutes" in the book Distant Shores, The Doctor met Mareeza while she was pregnant and, being the only one to take care of her, was named the father.

He is also mentioned in the Strange New Worlds VII story "I Have Broken the Prime Directive".

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