Jay Gordon Graas was one of three children given a tour of the USS Enterprise-D by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2368 as a reward for the best science projects at that year's science fair. In the fair, he did a project on the swarming moth of Gonal IV.

Just before the tour could begin, the Enterprise-D was hit by a series of quantum filaments, and he was trapped with the captain and the other science fair winners in the turbolift for several hours. Captain Picard temporarily named him his "science officer", and gave him one rank pip, to help give him courage in this desperate time. Captain Picard lifted him onto his shoulders, to look outside the turbocar to see if the braking clamps were intact, which they weren't. This forced them to climb out of the turbolift, and through the turboshafts.

After the incident, the three science fair winners presented the captain with a commemorative plaque. They later received a tour of the battle bridge and the torpedo bay. (TNG: "Disaster")

Jay Gordon was played by John Christian Graas.
His last name was not stated in the episode but placed on the commemorative plaque.
According to the script, Jay Gordon Grass was seven years old, placing his birth in 2361.
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