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Jay Montalvo is an actor who appeared as an operations division officer in several fifth season episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He received no credit for his appearances and was identified by the call sheets of the episodes. According to the call sheets he was also scheduled to film engineering scenes for the episode "The Game" and scenes involving security officers for the episode "The Perfect Mate" but was not part of the final episodes.

Montalvo is probably best known for his recurring role as Emilio Castillo in the drama series Hacienda Heights (2008-2010) and as D.A. Benjamin Lazaro in the daily soap General Hospital (2013).

Among his earlier appearances are featured and supporting roles in the thriller Mirror Images (1992), the crime comedy Get Shorty (1995, with John Cothran, Jr.), the television movie The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits... (1996, with Terry Jackson, Terry James, Coleman McClary, Randy Oglesby, and Herschel Sparber), and episodes of Space: Above and Beyond (1996, with Lanei Chapman, Michael Reilly Burke, Tasia Valenza, Tucker Smallwood, Heinrich James, and David Jean Thomas), Caroline in the City (1996, with Amy Pietz), Men Behaving Badly (1996, with James Greene), Cybill (1997), Team Knight Rider (1998, with John Kassir and Marta Martin and directed by Spiro Razatos), and Encore! Encore! (1998).

In 1999 he worked as producer and co-writer on the drama Wasted in Babylon in which he also played a leading role. The film also features Reiner Schöne and Robert Rusler and was co-produced by Eddie Perez.

Further acting work includes the drama This Girl's Life (2003), the action thriller S.W.A.T. (2003, with Reg E. Cathey, Lindsey Ginter, Bruce Gray, Michael Papajohn, and Jamison Yang), the comedy The Onion Movie (2008, with Don McManus, Len Cariou, Scott Klace, Randy Oglesby, Richard Fancy, Daniel Dae Kim, Michael Harney, Kavi Raz, Justin Rodgers Hall, Glen Hambly, and Hiro Koda), the short drama Just Breathe (2009), the short sport drama La Guerrera (2009), the comedy I'm Not Like That No More (2010, with Steve Luna), and episodes of Spin City (2000, with Alan Ruck), Commander in Chief (2006, with Jasmine Jessica Anthony, Samantha Eggar, Iris Bahr, William Lucking, Ned Vaughn, Gwynyth Walsh, and Rick Fitts), CSI: Miami (2007, with Ed Begley, Jr.), 10,000 Days (2010, with Kenneth Meseroll), and Los Americans (2011, with Raymond Cruz).

More recently, Montalvo lent his voice to the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II (2012, with Clancy Brown and Nolan North), appeared in the family drama Foreign Land (2013), and worked as producer on the short horror film Black Asylum (2013, written, produced and directed by Robert Rusler and with Clayton Rohner).

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