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Jay Scully is an actor turned casting director who appeared as Lieutenant Chapin in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Scully previously worked as an actor in the recurring role of Lance in five episodes of J.J. Abrams' action television series Undercovers in 2010. He teamed up again with Abrams with a supporting role in the science fiction thriller Super 8 in 2011 on which he also worked as dialogue coach. Super 8 also featured Michael Giacchino, Bruce Greenwood, Jack Axelrod, Amanda Foreman, Tony Guma, Jason Brooks, Tim Griffin, Marco Sanchez, Jonathan H. Dixon, Greg Grunberg, and Alex Nevil.

Scully started as an actor following three years of conservatory training. He got an M.F.A. and moved to New York where he worked in stage plays. There he started to work as director and writer and soon moved back to Los Angeles and moved into casting, often working with fellow casting director Anne McCarthy. Among the films he worked as casting director on are the horror sequel Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003), the crime drama Little Athens (2005, with Jasmine Jessica Anthony and Michelle Horn), the comedy Waiting... (2005), the action film Running Scared (2006), the thriller Five Fingers (2006, with Colm Meaney), the comedy John Tucker Must Die (2006), the comedy Wild Hogs (2007), the fantasy drama Premonition (2007, with Jude Ciccolella), the comedy I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007, with Sally Kellerman and Wallace Shawn), the crime drama Shuttle (2008, with Cullen Douglas), the comedy Surfer, Dude (2008, with Jeffrey Nordling, Todd Stashwick, Nolan North, and Jamison Yang), the mystery thriller The Lazarus Project (2008, with Bob Gunton), the comedy Fanboys (2009, with Christopher McDonald, William Shatner, and Chuck Borden), the drama Crossing Over (2009, with Ashley Judd and Alice Eve), the thriller The Canyon (2009), the comedy Old Dogs (2009), the western The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010), and the comedy sequel American Reunion (2012, with John Cho and Jay Harrington).

Scully also worked in the casting department of the television series Going to California (2001-2002, with Brad William Henke) and Greg the Bunny (2002, with Bob Gunton and Sarah Silverman), the action sequel Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002, with Ricardo Montalban), the crime comedy Malibu's Most Wanted (2003, with Greg Grunberg and Damion Poitier), the comedy Bad Santa (2003), the science fiction prequel The Chronicles of Riddick (2004, with Karl Urban), Bo Zenga's horror comedy Stan Helsing (2009, with Diora Baird), and the horror comedy Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010).

Scully was an associate producer on the music drama Sueño (2005, with Darlena Tejeiro) and a co-producer on the drama Little Athens (2005) and on the crime thriller On the Doll (2007, with Nolan North and Brett Rickaby). He also worked as acting coach on the comedy This Is 40 (2012, with Spencer Daniels and Bill Hader).

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