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Jeff Laubenstein is an artist for role playing games. Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in nearby Schaumburg, he studied at Northern Illinois University, graduating with a BFA in Illustration. Not long after, he began working for FASA, working with the company from 1986 through 1998 on a variety of their lines, including Earthdawn, Shadowrun, and Star Trek in a multitude of capacities ranging from interior artist through cover design and overall layout. He was instrumental in helping develop the look of Battletech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Renegade Legion. He also worked on the Battletech and Shadowrun collectible card games. While with FASA, he won three Origin awards.

Some of his illustrations from Star Trek: The Role Playing Game appear on a computer screen in the TNG episode "The Big Goodbye".

In 1998, he left the company and moved to Terraglyph, where he worked as an art director on various Nintendo and Playstation video games. Since then, he worked on Dragon magazine and Magic: The Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, and painted a number of cards for the Harry Potter collectible card game.

He continues to live in Illinois with his family.

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