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Jeff O'Haco (born 16 August 1954; age 66) is a stuntman and actor who appeared as a Vulcan elder in 2009's Star Trek.

O'Haco, who hails from Arizona, is the brother of stunt performers Daniel and Kathleen O'Haco. He started his career in the entertainment business in the '80s and performed stunts and portrayed supporting characters in films such as the action film Commando (1985), the horror thriller Bloody Wednesday (1985), Robert Zemeckis' science fiction comedy Back to the Future (1985, starring Christopher Lloyd and with Ivy Bethune and Sachi Parker), the science fiction film Cry Wilderness (1987), the drama Bulletproof (1988, with Thalmus Rasulala, Christopher Doyle, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), the action sequel Rambo III (1988), the action comedy Tango & Cash (1989, starring Teri Hatcher), and the adventure film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989, with John Rhys-Davies).

He had guest parts in episodes of Dynasty (1987, with Joan Collins), Midnight Caller (1989), The Young Riders (1991, with Christopher Pettiet, Yvonne Suhor, and Anthony Zerbe), Renegade (1992, with Branscombe Richmond, John Vargas, Jeff Cadiente, and Jimmy Ortega), and had a recurring role as One Eye/ Two Spears in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1994 and 1996, with Joe Lando, Erika Flores, Chad Allen, Barbara Babcock, Frank Collison, Tim deZarn, Hélène Udy, Patrick Kilpatrick, and James Sloyan).

Further film credits include the science fiction sequel Back to the Future Part III (1990), the action film Toy Soldiers (1991, starring Wil Wheaton), the television movie Dynasty: The Reunion (1991, with Joan Collins, Evelyn Guerrero, Tony Jay, Ray Reinhardt, and Keone Young), as one of the stunt doubles for Sylvester Stallone in the action film Cliffhanger (1993), the action film Blind Justice (1994), the western comedy The Cherokee Kid (1996), and the science fiction comedy Wild Wild West (1999, with Musetta Vander and Ian Abercrombie).

More recent work include parts in episodes of Raines (2007, with Linda Park and Tracey Walter) and Monk (2007) and stunt work in Peter Berg's action thriller The Kingdom (2007). For the latter one received O'Haco as part of the stunt crew a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture. He shared this with fellow Star Trek stunt performers Sala Baker, Chino Binamo, Jon Braver, Doug Coleman, Max Daniels, J. Mark Donaldson, Shauna Duggins, Glenn Goldstein, Michael Hugghins, Theo Kypri, Chris Palermo, and Allen Robinson.

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