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Jeff Russo (born 31 August 1969; age 51) is the composer of the scores for Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, including the programs' main themes. He is featured in TRR: "Remembrance" for the main theme of Picard.


Russo's work includes 2012's About Cherry featuring Cully Fredricksen. Next was 2013's Watercolor Postcards with Jonathan Banks. Russo's work on television includes the briefly aired The Returned starring Michelle Forbes, running only in 2015. That same year Russo served on the music crew for the miniseries Tut starring Alexander Siddig. Also that year Russo worked on another ill-fated series, the sci-fi series Extant starring Maury Sterling. For 2016, Russo was hired for ABC's American Gothic headlined by Virginia Madsen.

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