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Jeffery Quinn is an actor who had a featured part as a Vulcan scientist in 2009's Star Trek. He can be seen during the mind meld sequence, inspecting the inside of the Jellyfish. [1] He is best known to Star Trek fans for playing Spock in the fan-made internet series Star Trek: New Voyages. His New Voyages co-star (and series creator) James Cawley had also a background role in 2009's Star Trek.

Quinn starred in the pilot and three regular episodes of New Voyages before giving up the role to actor Ben Tolpin, who then yielded the role to Zachary Quinto's body double from the 2009 film, Brandon Stacy. Quinn was also a co-producer on the episodes in which he appeared. During his time on this series, he worked with Star Trek veterans Majel Barrett Roddenberry, Doug Drexler, D.C. Fontana, Leslie Hoffman, Walter Koenig, Barbara Luna, Larry Nemecek, Eddie Paskey, Mary Linda Rapelye, Michael Reaves, George Takei, Malachi Throne, Grace Lee Whitney, William Windom, John Winston, and Marc Scott Zicree.

Quinn is not an actor, but rather a professional visual effects artist. He was an effects production assistant on Ronald D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica TV movie and is currently holding the same job on the popular series which followed. He worked in the same position on the 2007 TV special Battlestar Galactica: Razor (written by Michael Taylor and featuring Michelle Forbes) as well as the original, unaired pilot for the new Bionic Woman.

Quinn did not get his role in 2009's Star Trek through his work on New Voyages; he actually went through a typical audition process, attending the casting call held by Headquarters Casting which called for "unique features." He filmed his part during the final week of principal photography, and was there for the last day of shooting on 27 March 2008. [2]

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