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Jenette Goldstein (born 4 February 1960; age 61) played the sciences officer aboard the USS Enterprise-B in Star Trek Generations. She also did voice work for Star Trek: Invasion and voiced the Enterprise Computer in the Star Trek: Short Treks episodes "Q&A" and "Ephraim and Dot".

Goldstein has also appeared in several films directed by James Cameron, most notably playing Pvt. Vasquez in the science fiction film Aliens. The character would later serve as a partial inspiration for the character of Natasha Yar and, in fact, Goldstein auditioned for the role of Yar (the character at that time being named Macha Hernandez.)

She also appeared in Cameron's films Terminator 2 (which also featured Earl Boen, Castulo Guerra, Terrence Evans, Abdul Salaam El Razzac and a young Nikki Cox) and Titanic (along with David Warner, Michael Ensign, Tricia O'Neil, and Greg Ellis).

In 1998 she had a featured part in the comedy Senseless (1998, with Brad Dourif, Richard McGonagle, Greg Grunberg, Alexander Enberg, Manu Intiraymi, Ivar Brogger, Cyia Batten, Jack Shearer, Len Costanza, John Wilkie, Janet Dey, Bruce Dobos, Rubin Knight, and Andray Johnson).

Goldstein was also featured in the Jonathan Frakes-directed Clockstoppers, along with Ken Jenkins, Scott Thomson, Gina Hecht, and Jeff Ricketts. She also made two appearances in the third season of 24, along with Penny Johnson, Glenn Morshower, Zachary Quinto, Greg Ellis, and Michael Cavanaugh.

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