Jenice Manheim was a 24th century Human woman and wife of eminent scientist Paul Manheim.

In 2342, Jenice was in a romantic relationship with Jean-Luc Picard while he was in Paris. Picard arranged to meet her at the Café des Artistes on April 9 the day before he was due to ship out, but he never showed. After waiting all day, she attempted to track him down, even looking for him at Starfleet Headquarters, but learned he had already left. She continued to think about him from time to time.

Jenice married Paul Manheim before 2349. She went with him and his team in this year as they searched for a suitable spot for their experiments, eventually finding Vandor IV. He told her that her life "would never be dull", and it was true. However, in the last few years before 2364 she found life increasingly difficult as Paul became more obsessive over the experiments' successes.

In 2364, her husband had opened a window to another dimension, causing the death of his entire team and nearly his own. A distress call was heard by the USS Enterprise-D, bringing Picard back into her life. His crew put a stop to the "Manheim Effect," and she learned from Picard that he was too afraid to meet her that day in Paris.

Paul recovered after the Manheim Effect had been ended. Upon his recovery, Paul said that they needed to return to the planet to continue the work they had begun to honor those that died. She agreed to stay with him on Vandor IV as he continued his work and he promised that upon their return to the planet that their relationship would improve and be different. She said, with a smile that it "always is my love" This time however, she got a chance to say goodbye to Picard. (TNG: "We'll Always Have Paris")

Jenice Manheim was played by Michelle Phillips.
At one point the character was named "Laura", according to the final draft of the script, dated 22 February 1988. [1]
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