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Jennifer Gundy (born 26 October 1965; age 58) is an actress who worked as stand-in for Jennifer Lien on the first through third seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. In addition she appeared in several episodes as a Voyager sciences ensign. The call sheets are listing her as Jennifer Somers during the first seasons. The call sheets of the fourth season are listing her as Jennifer Riley. In the fourth season episode "Waking Moments", she received credit as co-star in the end credits of the episode. Here she is credited as Jennifer Gundy. The call sheet for the first day of production, Thursday 9 October 1997, listed her as number ten in the cast list, "Jennifer Gundy – Ensign" and identifies her as appearing in scenes 6-8, the corridor scenes in Tuvok's dream. She also spoke her only words in the series, "Sir. Hello sir." Gundy also worked as second unit hand double for Jennifer Lien and Roxann Biggs-Dawson in episodes such as "Faces" and "Warlord". During her time as Lien's stand-in on Star Trek: Voyager she was also in a relationship with Harry Kim actor Garrett Wang.

Stand-ins, Caretaker

Gundy (r) and the other stand-ins filming "Caretaker"

Her only known acting credits outside Star Trek are the films For the Very First Time (1991, with Mädchen Amick, Cristine Rose, and Lilyan Chauvin) and 12 (2001). Credited as Jennifer Riley, she worked as stand-in on the comedy When the Party's Over (1993, with Brian McNamara, Raymond Cruz, Terrence E. McNally, and Willie Garson).

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