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Cover of Star Trek (DC volume 2) Issue #26

Jerome K. Moore is a comic book cover artist and occasional inker. He has been drawing since he was three and has done so professionally since the age of eighteen. [1]

He was best known for his run of covers on the DC Comics Star Trek line in the 1980s and 90s. His style of photo-referenced covers done as collages with cross-hatching color made the Star Trek comics stand out. Describing his approach, he said: "With most of my covers, I stayed away from being too story-specific. I preferred to render scenes or images that I felt were iconic or representational to the legendary series, while focusing on the core group of characters and the Enterprise itself. I sometimes drew criticism for this, but I had to remain true to what I thought worked best." [2]

Moore was influenced by the work of Bob Peak. [3]

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