Jessica Bradley was a hologram in one of Picard's Dixon Hill holonovels. Jessica claimed that someone was trying to kill her, and therefore she wanted to hire Dixon Hill.

After reading the San Francisco Herald – under the headlines "Wealthy Socialite Murdered: Police Have Several Leads in Brutal Slaying of Mrs. Arthur Clinton Bradley" – Picard felt sorry he couldn't have stopped her murder, even though she was only a holodeck character. Picard (as Hill) was later accused by two police officers of murdering Jessica. (TNG: "The Big Goodbye")

Jessica Bradley was played by Carolyn Allport.
Although anything from the holodeck supposedly dematerialized upon leaving the holodeck, Doctor Crusher was seen in the observation lounge wiping off the lipstick from Picard after being kissed by the holodeck character Jessica Bradley. A similar lack of continuity was found in "Encounter at Farpoint", when Wesley Crusher remains wet after falling in holographic water, suggesting certain basic elements replicated in the holodeck do not de-materialize outside of it.
Mrs. Jessica Bradley was described in the script as "a wealthy woman in her late twenties who radiates a seductive sensuality. The rest of her body matches her legs." [1]

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