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Jessica Vash is an actress, producer, and location manager who portrayed a command division ensign in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. Vash also served as stand-in for Jolene Blalock and Elizabeth Magness in the second season episode "The Catwalk". She received no credit for her appearances.

Among her acting resume are films such as What About Your Friends: Weekend Getaway (2002, with Adam Clark) and Downtown: A Street Tale (2004, with John Savage and Chad Allen).

As production staff member she worked on All the Ugly Maids (2001) as line producer and unit production manager, Infested (2002, with Zach Galligan, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Mark Margolis) as location manager, and Downtown: A Street Tale (2004) as assistant location manager.

She also performed stunts in the film In Your Face (2002).

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