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"It's hard to be strong."
"You make it look easy."
– Jhamel and Shran, 2154 ("The Aenar")

Jhamel was a member of an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar. She was the sister of the Aenar Gareb, who was kidnapped by Romulans to control a drone ship.

Worried about the well-being of her brother for over a year, Jhamel admitted to having horrible nightmares. She agreed to accompany Captain Jonathan Archer and Shran back to Enterprise NX-01. She also agreed to help them with a telepresence unit to locate her brother and stop the drone ship attacks. Jhamel tested the telepresence unit and experienced considerable synaptic problems leaving her exhausted afterwards yet found the experience exhilarating. Phlox determined that Jhamel would recover, but insisted that it was too dangerous to try the device again. Over the course of the mission, Shran became greatly impressed and indeed moved by her courage, bravery and the loyalty and love she showed for her brother. As the mission progressed, Shran, who had recently lost his lover, developed romantic feelings for her.

She ignored the warning and, with support from Shran and over the objections of Dr. Phlox, used the machine again, and was able to find out that her brother was tricked by the Romulans and forced to cooperate. She telepathically contacted her brother and told him the truth. He destroyed the drone ships, but Jhamel sensed her brother die when a Romulan Admiral named Valdore executed him. Though a horrific experience, she was relieved to know that her brother was not alone when he died. (ENT: "The Aenar")

She eventually coupled with Thy'lek Shran and bore him a daughter named Talla in 2156. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")

Jhamel was played by Alexandra Lydon.
The final draft script of "The Aenar" commented about Jhamel, "She's mysteriously beautiful."
The novel The Good That Men Do gives her full name as Thirijhamel zh'Dhaven.