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A Jibalian fudge cake

A Jiballian fudge cake

Jiballian fudge or Jibalian fudge was a type of fudge originating in the Delta Quadrant that could be used to make cake.

Neelix prepared a seven-layer Jiballian fudge cake with icing made of pureed L'maki nuts for Kes' second birthday in 2371. (VOY: "Twisted")

In 2376, after losing his memory, Tuvok prepared many desserts, including a Jiballian fudge cake with peppermint coulis, while he was being reeducated by Neelix. (VOY: "Riddles")

In an alternate 2379, Neelix prepared a Jiballian fudge for Kes on her ninth birthday. (VOY: "Before and After")

Background information

According to the script notes, the following spellings were used: "Jibalian" (pronounced "jih-BAYL-ee-n") in "Twisted"; and "Jiballian" (pronounced "jih-BAY-lee-n" or "jih-BAY-lee-ehn") in "Before and After" and "Riddles". The spelling for Neelix' Jibalian omelette in VOY: "Prototype", also with a single "L", was pronounced "jih-BAY-lee-n", as with the double "L" spelling from "Before and After".

The "Jiballian fudge cake with peppermint coulie" spelling was also used in the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 390).

The term "Jiballian" was also used in relation to Jiballian berry salad and Jibalian seven-spice omelette.

A recipe for Jimbalian [sic] Fudge Cake, adapted for terrestrial kitchens, was referenced in the Star Trek Cookbook (p. 43-44).

Ethan Phillips – through the words of Neelix – described the following story for this dessert:

Twice onboard Voyager we have celebrated Kes's birthday, and I baked a Jimbalian fudge cake for each occasion. It's not an easy cake to do; a shell of crushed kabeebee nuts surrounds the cake. These nuts come from the tenth moon of Zadon. It's a huge commitment to get there, taking several lifetimes of travel. As far as I know, the only life-form who's ever made it there and back was George Burns. There are two versions of the cake. The first takes nine years to bake; if you're planning to serve this to an Ocampan friend, put it in the oven while they're still in the womb, and be prepared to serve it at the funeral luncheon! The other version is the one I served on Voyager, and it's Kes's favorite. Like I said, it is a tough cake to make, but I believe one should go to any length to please one's sweetheart.

Regarding the on-screen food prop, Alan Sims explained, "We didn't bake this ourselves. We went to Hanson's Cakes [sic] in L.A. They have natural ingredients and they get the food right to the set." (p. 61)

According to the Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 82), there was a star system named Jibalia, which might possibly be the system of origin for this dish, in the Delta Quadrant. This was a binary system with a pair of F-class stars.