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Jim O'Rear is an actor, stuntman, stunt coordinator, director, and writer who performed stunts in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He received no credit for his work.

O'Rear was born in Cordova, Alabama and has started his career as a professional magician alongside David Copperfield and The Great Tomsoni. Arrived in the entertainment industry he has performed as an actor and stuntman in several films and television series and also as a stunt coordinator on a few films. O'Rear works also as a director and writer for several independent films and has contributed articles to several magazines such as Scary Monsters Magazine and Fangoria Magazine. O'Rear has occasionally worked as an editor, producer, and in the make-up department and was a country singer who appeared alongside stars such as Travis Tritt and Mark Chestnutt. O'Rear has a martial arts background and holds several belts in different fight techniques.

Among his resume as an actor and stuntman are films such as Day of the Dead (1985, with Sherman Howard), Cyborg (1989, with Alex Daniels and Jophery C. Brown), Lethal Weapon 3 (1992, with Alan Scarfe, Andrew Hill Newman, Kenneth Tigar, Henry Kingi, Sr., and stunts by Gregory J. Barnett, Bobby Bass, Sandy Berumen, Janet Brady, Tony Brubaker, Billy Hank Hooker, Buddy Joe Hooker, Tommy J. Huff, John Meier, Manny Perry, Mic Rodgers, and Scott Workman), The Vampyre Wars (1996, with Chris Sarandon), Gone Fishin (1997), Hayride Slaughter (2001), Hayride Slaughter II (2003), Wolfsbayne (2005), Dorm of the Dead (2006), and Torture Room (2007). He has also appeared on television series such as Creature Feature (1992), Thunder in Paradise (1994), and seaQuest DSV (1995, with Jonathan Banks).

His current project is the independent horror film Torture Room in which he acts, performs stunts, directs, received the writing credit, cast the actors, and supplied the make-up.

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