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Jivan Tahmizian was a sound editor on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as well as a dialogue editor on the video games Star Trek: Klingon and Star Trek: Borg.

During his time with the Star Trek franchise, Tahmizian also worked with many other members of the Trek sound crew on a number of feature films. Tahmizian, Ruth Adelman, Dale Chaloukian, Doug Davey, Jeff Gersh, Chris Haire, T. Ashley Harvey, Bill Henderson, Mace Matiosian, Richard L. Morrison, Miguel Rivera, Masanobu Tomita, Audrey Trent, Chris Trent, Jerry Trent, Guy Tsujimoto, Eric Williams, and Bill Wistrom all worked on 1997's The Only Thrill (starring Sharon Lawrence) and all except Harvey and Rivera worked on 1998's Family Plan; Tahmizian was a dialogue editor on both of these films. The 1999 comedy She's All That (starring Gabrielle Union) featured sound work by Tahmizian, Adelman, Chaloukian, Harvey, and Audrey, Chris and Jerry Trent; Tahmizian was a foley artist on the film.

After completing his work on DS9, Tahmizian was a dialogue editor in 2000 on both the short-lived NBC series The Others and the film Fear of Flying (with Jeffrey Nordling); he worked with Ruth Adelman, Mace Matiosian, and Guy Tsujimoto on both of these projects. He was also a sound editor on the HBO series Carnivàle (2003, with Michael John Anderson, Clancy Brown, Adrienne Barbeau, K Callan, Frank Collison, Richard Fancy, John Fleck, Spencer Garrett, Brent Hinkley, Scott MacDonald, Matt McCoy, John Carroll Lynch, Robert Knepper, Jordan Orr, Rachelle Roderick, Ted Rooney, Diane Salinger, Deborah Strang, Time Winters and Gene Wolande), again working with Adelman and Matiosian, and sound supervisor on the film Lost (2004, with J. Paul Boehmer, Bill Cobbs and Lois Hall) working with Tsujimoto.

More recently, Tahmizian worked with Ruth Adelman and Mace Matiosian as a sound editor on the hit CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He also worked as adr editor and sound editor, respectively, on the made-for-TV movies Karroll's Christmas (2004, with Wallace Shawn) and Knights of the South Bronx (2005, with Brian Markinson and Kate Vernon).

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