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Joseph "Joe" A. Conti (Contegiacomo) is a visual effects artist, producer and supervisor who worked as video toaster (hardware/software combination utilizing the first commercial version of the LightWave 3D software) contractor for Digital Magic on the Star Trek: The Next Generation seventh season episode "Sub Rosa" in 1994 where he, together with Tim McHugh, worked on the CGI anaphasic lifeform, the first LightWave CGI effect for the franchise.

Conti worked as CGI, 3D, and digital effects supervisor and animator on the television series seaQuest DSV (1993, with John F.K. Parenteau and Robert Bonchune at Amblin Imaging), Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995, with Kevin Kutchaver), and Xena: Warrior Princess (1995) and the television movies Hercules and the Amazon Women (1994) and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (1994). He also worked on the documentary Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie (1995, narrated by William Shatner), the drama Nixon (1995), the action drama Courage Under Fire (1996, with Syd Dutton, Robert Stromberg, Bill Taylor, and Daren Dochterman), the television movie Panic in the Skies! (1996), the science fiction blockbuster Men in Black (1997), the action drama The Siege (1998, with Robert Stromberg and Rich Thorne), the action drama Black Hawk Down (2001), the romance Kate & Leopold (2001), and the television science fiction thriller Bugs (2003) on which he also worked as writer and director.

In 2008, Conti worked as special effects supervisor, producer, editor, and director on the action sequel Army of the Dead. Further credits in the visual effects department include the crime thriller Linewatch (2008), the science fiction film Hardwired (2009), the ward drama Brothers (2009, with Patrick Clancey), the thriller Code Name: Geronimo (2012) and the science fiction film Raptor Ranch (2012). The Army of the Dead and Hardwired movies he worked upon as "Conti Films Inc." (credited as such, but registered as "Contifilm L.L.C." [1]), his own production company, he operated shortly around 2008-2009.

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