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Joe Davis (born 19 February 1958; age 62) is an actor and stuntman who played an Orion servant in the Star Trek: Enterprise fourth season episode "Bound". He received no on-screen credit for his appearance and was identified by the name tag of his boots, which were sold in the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Born as Joseph E. Davis in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he played football and baseball at the age of twelve and later became the captain of the high school football team. He attended the Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a BA in television broadcasting and dramatic arts. Davis moved to Los Angeles and was invited into the bodybuilding community. With his athletic background and several acting workshops he made his first experiences as a Chippendale dancer and served as stand-in and day player for projects such as CHiPs (1979, episode "Drive, Lady, Drive, Part 1", with Robert Pine and Robert Ellenstein), the television movie For Members Only (1983, with Robert Mandan and Earl Boen), as Mr. December in the Who's the Boss? episode "Hunk of the Month" (1985, with Leslie Bevis), An Innocent Man (1989, with F. Murray Abraham), and The Guardian (1990, with Miguel Ferrer and Natalija Nogulich).

Because of his height, his athletic body, and his skills, Davis often plays biker, guards, and sport coaches. Beside his acting experiences he is also a stuntman and performed in feature films and television series, including the television movie Without a Kiss Goodbye (1993, with Gwynyth Walsh), the comedy Jury Duty (1995, with Alex Datcher), the comic adaptation Batman & Robin (1997, with John Glover and Gene LeBell), The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000, with Joan Collins, Spice Williams-Crosby, Kevin Grevioux, and Scott L. Schwartz), the remake Bewitched (2005, with stunts by Patricia Tallman and Thom Williams), and Rob Zombie's Halloween remake (2007, starring Malcolm McDowell). Davis also appeared in episodes of Married with Children (1993, episode "The Proposition"), Space: Above and Beyond, Baywatch (1996, episode "Bash at the Beach"), V.I.P. (1999, episode "Return of the Owl", with Jon David Weigand, Merritt Yohnka, and Tim Sitarz), and Bones (2005-2006).

Davis has performed roles such as He-man and Skeletor in various stage plays, appeared in over two dozen commercials (Puma, Miller Lite Beer, Pepsi-Cola, Mattel Toys), and was pictured in magazines such as Playboy, Muscle Mag, Vogue, and GQ.

Among his latest projects are the action film Taken by Force (2008, with Branscombe Richmond and Ed Lauter), the thriller Phoenix Lights: The Movie (2008), and the documentary Tell Me About… (2009, with Marijane Cole).

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