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Joel Heyman (born 16 September 1971; age 49) is an actor who appeared as an Enterprise NX-01 crewman in several first season episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. As a background actor he received no credit for his appearances but was identified by the call sheets.

Heyman graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama Production. Beside his acting work on Enterprise, Heyman was also featured and had background roles in episodes of Friends (1999, with Rick Pasqualone), Angel (2000, with Sam Anderson, Derek Anthony, and Larry Richards), The Inside (2005, with Rachel Nichols, Jay Harrington, and J. Downing), Alias, and Criminal Minds (2006-2007, with Ethan Phillips, Irene Roseen, Joseph Jagatic, Scott Wilder, and Jack Donner).

Film work includes The Schedule (1997), the crime drama The Quickie (2001, with Brenda Bakke, Kevin Brief, Dean Stockwell, and Randy Lowell), and the horror thriller Asylum (2007, with Vanessa Branch) as well as voice work in the animated series Code Monkeys (2007) and in the video game Halo 3 (2007, with Dee Bradley Baker, Ron Perlman, Fred Tatasciore, Nolan North, and Debra Wilson).

Heyman worked as actor, producer, casting director, editor as well as in other capacities on the web shows Rooster Teeth Shorts (2009-2016) and Red vs. Blue (2003-2020). He also appeared in or lent his voice to the science fiction film Lazer Team (2015) and its sequel Lazer Team 2 (2018), the comedy series Crunch Time (2016, with Mark Moses and Dakin Matthews), the science fiction series Day 5 (2016-2017, with William Sadler), and the animated projects The Strangerhood 2 (2015), RWBY (2013-2017), and RWBY Chibi (2017-2018).

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