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Joey Sakata (born 17 May 1966; age 58) is an actor who worked as regular background performer and stand-in on Star Trek: Voyager. He received no credit for his appearances except for his final appearance in the episode "Endgame" where he is listed as "Engineering N.D." in the end credits.

He appeared in several episodes as a Voyager officer in the operations and sciences division and a tunic worn by him was once sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Sakata performed stunts in the action thriller True Vengeance (1997, with Scott McElroy, Marcus Young, and Tim Rigby) and in the crime thriller Red Corner (1997, with Tzi Ma, Phil Chong, Kenny Endoso, Al Goto, Peter Lai, Jimmy N. Roberts, Scott Wilder, Diana Lee Inosanto, Hiro Koda, James Lew, and Simon Rhee). He was also featured as a subway terrorist in the action film Power Elite (2002).

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