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John Arthur Blower (11 September 193224 December 2004; age 72) was an actor who appeared in several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Blower filmed his scenes for "A Taste of Armageddon" on Tuesday 3 January 1967 and Wednesday 4 January 1967 at Desilu Stage 10, and his scenes for "Errand of Mercy" on Friday 27 January 1967 on location at the "Arab Village" section of the 40 Acres backlot. He filmed his (deleted) scene for "Catspaw" on Tuesday 2 May 1967 at Desilu Stage 9, his scenes for "Journey to Babel" on Monday 25 September 1967, also at Stage 9. He filmed his scenes for "Obsession" on Thursday 12 October 1967 at Stage 10. He filmed his scene for "The Immunity Syndrome" on Monday 30 October 1967, and his scene for "A Piece of the Action" on Thursday 9 November 1967, both at Stage 9. He filmed his scenes for "Patterns of Force" on Tuesday 5 December 1967 and Wednesday 6 December 1967 at Stage 10.

He also appeared in the Mission: Impossible episode "The Crane" (1970, with Leonard Nimoy and Don Eitner). Blower worked for thirty years as an actor in film and television productions such as in the crime drama The Godfather (1972). [1]

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