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John Debney (born 18 August 1956; age 64) is a composer and conductor from Glendale, California who has written music scores for episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Some of Debney's DS9 scores were released as part of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Collection.

Debney has won Emmy Awards for his music composition on the television series The Young Riders, seaQuest DSV, and The Cape. He was also received an Academy Award nomination for his music in Mel Gibson's epic film The Passion of the Christ, which was co-produced by Steven McEveety. He also composed the score for the Doctor Who television movie produced by FOX in 1996.

In his prolific career, Debney has also composed the film scores for Hocus Pocus, Cutthroat Island, Liar Liar, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Inspector Gadget, The Emperor's New Groove (for which he received an Annie Award nomination), the first two Spy Kids movies, the two Princess Diaries movies, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The Scorpion King, Bruce Almighty, Elf, and Chicken Little, among many others. He was also one of the three composers (along with Graeme Revell and Robert Rodriguez) who wrote the music for 2005's Sin City. He is currently slated to work on the scores for Sin City 2 and Sin City 3.

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