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John E. Glassco, MD (born 3 June 1949; age 71) is a certified pathologist who worked as medical adviser on several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Glassco was interviewed by Stephen R. Wolcott for the article "The Present State of Future Medicine" published in Star Trek: Communicator issue 122 in 1999.

Glassco attended the University of California Los Angeles between 1969 and 1971 and graduated with Bachelor's degree in Economics. He then attended the University of California Santa Barbara where he graduated with a Master of Arts in Economics in 1973. Between 1973 and 1981 he attended the UCLA and Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and University of Vienna Medical School where he received his Doctor of Medicine in Pathology/Experimental Pathology.

Glassco worked as Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Director at the Northridge Medical Hospital Center, as Pathologist and Senior Attending Physician at UCLA, as Pathologist and C.O.O. at Clarient Pathology Services, and since March 2014 as Pathology Consultant at Life Technologies Clinical Services Laboratory, Inc in Sacramento, California.

In the 1990s, Glassco worked on several television series, movies of the week and motion pictures as medical and science adviser. Caused by host Alan Thicke in his program Lights! Action! Hollywood! hosted by Alan Thicke, Glassco got the nickname "Doc Hollywood". He was one of the advisers who created the MedLab for J. Michael Straczynski's science fiction series Babylon 5. Other projects he worked on include episodes of Picket Fences (1994), Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1994-1995, starring Joe Lando and Chad Allen), Northern Exposure, Diagnosis Murder, seaQuest DSV, Mad About You, Murder, She Wrote, Earth 2 (1995, starring Clancy Brown and John Gegenhuber), Law & Order, Touched by an Angel, The X-Files, and Threshold (2005, starring Brent Spiner).

Other projects he worked on include the television thriller The Omen (1995, with Brett Cullen and William Sadler), as forensic medicine commentator on E! on O.J. (1995), the television thriller Donor Unknown (1995, with Clancy Brown, Steven Culp, and Alice Krige) in which he also appeared in a small cameo role as surgical team member, the television movie Bermuda Triangle (1996, with Susanna Thompson, Michael Reilly Burke, and Jane Daly), the drama Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997), and the fantasy romance City of Angels (1998).

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