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John Franklin (born 16 June 1959; age 61) is the actor who played Kipp in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Critical Care".

Franklin is best known for playing Isaac Chroner in the 1984 horror film Children of the Corn. He later costarred in the 1988 hit thriller Child's Play (with Brad Dourif, Catherine Hicks, and Chris Sarandon). Franklin was cast in the telefilm Tower of Terror (1997, with Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Ridgeway). That very same year, Dunst and Franklin were cast in the political comedy Wag the Dog (alongside Geoffrey Blake, John Cho, Andrea Martin, J. Patrick McCormack, Phil Morris, Suzie Plakson, Rick Scarry, and Jack Shearer). Franklin's next film role was in the straight-to-video The Killing Grounds (1998, with Charles Rocket). Franklin never made it to the big screen even in his next film, Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999, with Paul Popowich). Telefilms followed, first with 2000's Python (with David Bowe, Ed Lauter, and Wil Wheaton) and 2004's Tales of a Fly on the Wall (directed by Brian Tochi and costarring Jason Marsden). Franklin's most prominent work was in The Addams Family movie series portraying the diminutive Cousin Itt (a role first played by Felix Silla in the original TV series) sharing the big screen success with Christopher Lloyd and Carel Struycken with them alone in the first film released in 1991, but Franklin, Lloyd, and Struycken were joined in the 1994 sequel Addams Family Values by Ian Abercrombie, Camille Saviola, and Rick Scarry.

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