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John Hostetter (6 October 19462 September 2016; age 69) was the actor who played Lieutenant Commander Hars Adislo in Star Trek: Insurrection. He was credited as "Bolian Officer" in the end credits of the movie. [1]

Hostetter appeared in films such as Knightriders (1981, with Patricia Tallman), Into the Night (1985, with Viola Kates Stimpson, Bruce McGill, Gary Epper, Janet Brady, and Mic Rodgers), Beverly Hills Cop II (1987, with Ronny Cox, Dean Stockwell, Valerie Wildman, and Joni Avery), Class Act (1992, with Raye Birk, Gary Baxley, and Scott Leva), and The Hawk is Dying (2006).

His television resume includes guest appearances in Knight Rider (1982, with Patricia McPherson), The Golden Girls (1985, with Karl Wiedergott), Hunter (1985 and 1986, with James Cromwell, Kenneth Tigar, and Melvin Belli), Family Ties (1984 and 1987, with Brian Bonsall and Gail Strickland), Falcon Crest (1988, with Robert Foxworth), The Flash (1991, with Dick Miller, Biff Manard, and Mike Genovese), MacGyver (1991, with Vince Deadrick, Clynell Jackson III, and Adrian Sparks), NYPD Blue (1993, with Gordon Clapp), ER (1998, with Sam Anderson, Lily Mariye, and Cristine Rose), 7th Heaven (2000, with Catherine Hicks and Stephen Collins), and Sheena (2002).

Hostetter was a regular in the television series Murphy Brown (1988-1997, with Scott Bakula and Alan Oppenheimer) and lent his voice to several animated series and films such as G.I. Joe (1985-1986, with voice actors Frank Welker and Christopher Collins), Spawn (1997-1999), and Gen 13 (1999, with voice actors John de Lancie and John DeMita).

Hostetter died after a long battle with cancer on 2 September 2016. [2]

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