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John M. [Milo "Mike"] Ford (10 April 195724 September 2006; age 49) was the writer of two Pocket TOS novels, The Final Reflection and How Much for Just the Planet?. He authored the first edition of The Klingons supplement/sourcebook for FASA's Star Trek Role Playing Game. He also wrote two short stories for use in West End Games' Star Trek III game. With the pseudonym "Michael J. Dodge", he authored Which Way Books #15, Voyage to Adventure.

Ford was born and raised in Indiana. As well as writing science fiction, he was a keen poet. He was the author of On Writing Science Fiction (The Editors Strike Back!), which gives advice to would be writers in the genre. He suffered from kidney problems and diabetes most of his life, and died of this illness in Minneapolis. His partner in later life was the writer Elise Matthesen.

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