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John Blair Vornholt (born 14 February 1951; age 69) is a writer of many Star Trek novels. He also wrote for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics from Malibu.

Vornholt commented: "I really liked Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, plus the Maquis characters from both TNG and DS9. I've used the Maquis in a lot of my books, because they're complex villains with sympathetic motives". (Voyages of Imagination)

Vornholt was born in Ohio, and mainly writes tie-ins. Most of his work is in the Star Trek universe, but he has also written tie-ins to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Earth 2 and Babylon 5.

Vornholt is also a screenwriter, and has written for the 1986 animated series Ghostbusters (unrelated to the well known film, and TV series of the '70s of the same name) and various US children's programs.



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