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You may be looking for actor John Wheeler or RPG editor William John Wheeler.

John W. Wheeler, ACE, is a former Hollywood film editor who edited Star Trek: First Contact with Anastasia Emmons. He received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special for the acclaimed 1990 made-for-television movie Separate but Equal, which features Albert Hall and Richard Kiley in the cast. Wheeler also received an Eddie Award nomination from the American Cinema Editors (ACE), of which he is a member.

Wheeler has worked with Tim Board, an additional editor for First Contact, on many other films. Board was an assistant to Wheeler on the films Rhinestone (1984), Porky's Revenge (1985, featuring Nancy Parsons and directed by James Kovack), Rocky IV (1985, featuring Michael Pataki), Million Dollar Mystery (1987), and the John Erman-directed TV movies Breathing Lessons (1994, with cinematography by Gayne Rescher) and The Boys Next Door (1996). Wheeler and Board also co-edited the films SpaceCamp (1986, featuring Terry O'Quinn) and Ladybugs (1992, featuring Nancy Parsons).

Besides the aforementioned Breathing Lessons and The Boys Next Door, Wheeler also worked with one-time Star Trek director John Erman on the 1977 TV movie Green Eyes (starring Jonathan Lippe and Robert DoQui), the acclaimed 1979 mini-series Roots: The Next Generation (featuring Fran Bennett, Bernie Casey, Bruce French, Albert Hall, John Hancock, Brock Peters, Bill Quinn, Logan Ramsey, Percy Rodriguez, John Rubinstein, and Jason Wingreen), and the 1994 mini-series sequel to Gone with the Wind, Scarlett (featuring Stephen Collins and Colm Meaney). All of these projects, as well as Breathing Lessons, star Paul Winfield.

Wheeler's other credits include the films Jennifer On My Mind (1971, featuring Steve Vinovich, with cinematography by Andrew Laszlo), The Parallax View (1974, starring Kenneth Mars and Anthony Zerbe), The Onion Field (1979, featuring Phillip Richard Allen, K Callan, Ronny Cox, John de Lancie, Richard Herd, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Pataki, and starring John Savage), Serial (1980, featuring Rosana DeSoto, Sally Kellerman, Paul Rossilli, and Mark L. Taylor), The Challenge (1982, featuring Clyde Kusatsu), Strange Invaders (1983, featuring Louise Fletcher, Jack Kehler, Thomas Kopache, Wallace Shawn, Kenneth Tobey, and Dey Young), Split Decisions (1988, starring John McLiam), and the 1991 TV movie Plymouth (featuring Anne Haney).

Wheeler most recently worked at Buena Vista Pictures, where he was part of the technology crew on the Disney films Mulan and Dinosaur. He also worked as editorial support on the 2002 Disney movie, Lilo & Stitch.

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