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Jonathan Breck (born 17 February 1965; age 55) is the actor who played a dying Borg in the Star Trek: Voyager sixth season episode "Survival Instinct". He is probably best known for his portrayal as The Creeper in the horror film Jeepers Creepers (2001, starring Gina Philips) and its sequel Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003, with Ray Wise), where he was doubled by stuntman Darrin Prescott. The third Jeepers Creepers movie was planned for 2011 but it's premiere date got changed to 2017.

Born in Houston, Texas, Breck has started his acting career with supporting roles in the television science fiction film I Married a Monster (1998, along Tim Ryan, Richard Herd, Tim de Zarn, Vaughn Armstrong, and stunts by Darlene Ava Williams), the horror film Spiders (2000, with David Carpenter), the movie Full Circle (2001), and the television series V.I.P. (1998, with Boris Lee Krutonog and Michael Owen) and JAG (2001).

After his success in the Jeepers Creepers movies, Breck portrayed roles in the comedy Good Advice (2001, with Estelle Harris and John de Lancie), the short films Beat Boys Beat Girls (2003) and I Left Me (2004), the comedy Be My Baby (2006), the thriller Will to Power (2006), the science fiction mystery film Dreamland (2007) also as executive producer, and the thriller Dead Write (2007, with Robert Pine and Jasmine Jessica Anthony).

More recently, Breck appeared in the adventure film The Carbon Copy (2008), also as executive producer, the thriller The Dot Man (2008, with Steven Berkoff), the television series Friday Night Lights (2008, along Glenn Morshower), the horror film The Caretaker (2008, with stunts by Chrissy Weathersby), the horror film Evilution (2008, with Danny Downey), Robert Rodriguez' family film Shorts (2009), Oliver Stone's drama W. (2008, with James Cromwell and Paul Rae), and the horror film Krampus (2008

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