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Jonathan Fernandez (born 1967) worked as story editor on several third season episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. In addition, he wrote the teleplay and the story, together with Terry Matalas, for the third season episode "Impulse".

Outside Star Trek he wrote the story for the action drama Crisis in the Kremlin (1992, starring Robert Rusler, Theodore Bikel, and Doug Wert) and for the television thriller Y2K (1999, with Kate Vernon, Ronny Cox, and Chris Nelson Norris). He worked as executive producer for the 1997 thriller Breakdown (with Thomas Kopache and stunt performers Eddy Donno, Mark Ginther, James M. Halty, Keii Johnston, Al Jones, Steve Kelso, Diana R. Lupo, Hugh Aodh O'Brien, and Pat Romano) and appeared as a boom box student in the television comedy The Other Me (2000, with Mark L. Taylor and Lori Hallier).

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