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Joseph "Joe" A. Unsinn III was a special effects and video technician.

He worked on Star Trek Generations as a video playback supervisor and on the pilot for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Emissary", as a video playback operator

His career started with special effects work on the series Kung Fu in the early 1970s. That led to a string of television movies and eventually into video technician's work in the 1980s.

Some movies he worked on include Revenge of the Nerds (1984, with Danny Rodgers, James Cromwell, Steve Blalock, Terry James, Yolanda Toussieng, Michael Friedman, Armin Steiner, Brad Dechter, Corey Michael Eubanks, and Bernie Casey), the science fiction adventure Explorers (1985, with Robbie Robinson), the fantasy comedy Ghost Dad (1990, with Richard Turner and Christian H. Burton), the comedy Wayne's World (1992, with Patric J. Abaravich, Ian Christenberry, Armando Contreras, Richard Briere, and Liz Radley) and its sequel Wayne's World 2 (1993, with Patric J. Abaravich, Armando Contreras, Richard Briere, and Randy Nolen).

Other major titles include Titanic, Joe Versus The Volcano, and The Abyss.

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