Jossen was a 22nd century Vulcan operative of the Ministry of Security.

Thirty years before 2152, 109 operatives, including Jossen, were assigned to a covert mission. They were surgically altered and sent to the planet Agaron, where they would infiltrate criminal factions. They successfully overthrew these factions, reducing much of the corruption plaguing Agaron. With their mission accomplished, the operatives were recalled. Nineteen of these operatives, including Jossen, refused to return voluntarily.

He was one of the seven rogue operatives whom the Ministry of Security had assigned T'Pol to capture. T'Pol was able to apprehend five of the operatives, but Jossen and another operative, Menos, managed to escape.

Several years later, T'Pol once again caught up with the operatives, this time tracking them to the planet Risa. Believing the operative was reaching for a weapon, T'Pol shot and killed Jossen. Menos, however, escaped once again.

Distraught over the fact that she had taken a life, T'Pol undertook the fullara to suppress her memories of killing Jossen. These memories resurfaced in 2152, when T'Pol apprehended the seventh and final operative, Menos. (ENT: "The Seventh")

Jossen was played by Richard Wharton.
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