A joule (symbol J) was a unit of energy. Comparable units included electronvolt and calorie.

Comparative list of energies

Microjoule = 0.000,001 joules
Millijoule = 0.001 joules
Kilojoule = 1 thousand joules
Megajoule = 1 million joules
This implies the full energy reserves of the Magellan were about 40 megajoules.
Gigajoule = 1 billion joules
Terajoule = 1 trillion joules
These numbers would be more accurately represented as 30-90 exajoules.
Exajoule = 1 quintillion joules
In the real world, a Joule is a unit of stored energy or work done corresponding to one Watt emitted or released for one Second. This is inconsistent with its portrayal in Star Trek, where the terms Watt and Joule were used interchangeably in most cases, with Joules only very rarely being used as a unit of stored energy.

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