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Juan García is the actor who played John Torres in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episodes "Lineage" and "Author, Author".

Garcia has been acting since the very end of the 1980s. Most of his film work has been done with fellow Trek actors. His first film role was in 1989's The Banker (with Duncan Regehr). This was his only film in the '80s, but the '90s found Garcia better fortune. The first year of the decade saw Garcia in the telefilm I'm Dangerous Tonight (with Mädchen Amick and Ed Trotta). In 1992, Garcia acted in the military film Soldier's Fortune (with Grainger Hines and Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine guest player Charles Napier). The next film for Garcia that featured Trek actors was in the 1995 computer thriller The Net (with Trek legend Vaughn Armstrong as well as Wren T. Brown and Dan Shor). Following The Net, Garcia then played Frederico in the 1996 Street Corner Justice (with Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.). 1997 saw Garcia in the film The Second Civil War, along with Eve Brenner, Joanna Cassidy, Jerry Hardin, Brian Keith, Dick Miller, Ron Perlman, Robert Picardo and William Schallert. That same year, Garcia was in another production filled with Trek actors, Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy, based on the characters from the television series. The film featured, like all other Alien Nation films, Ron Fassler, Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint and Michele Scarabelli, but it also starred Jeff Allin and Tim de Zarn. The television series Hunter was turned into a TV movie in 2003 starring Garcia as well as co-starring Nikita Ager.

Garcia's television work has also found him in productions with other Trek actors. His first guest role was on Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in an episode with Neal McDonough. Garcia's next television guest role was on the comedy series Almost Perfect in a 1996 episode with David Clennon. In 1997, he appeared in an episode of Seinfeld (starring Jason Alexander) with Marco Rodriguez. Garcia appeared on Fired Up (executive produced by Kelsey Grammer and starring Jonathan Banks and Sharon Lawrence) in an episode with Christopher Michael. The end of that year saw Garcia working again with Joanna Cassidy on Melrose Place (starring Jeffrey Nordling). In 2001, Garcia reunited with David Clennon on The Agency (also starring Ronny Cox). Also that year, he had a role on Providence (starring Concetta Tomei). In 2002, Garcia twice played the character Moses Hernandez on The Shield (starring Michael Jace, Jay Karnes and Benito Martinez), once with April Grace. Later he appeared on The West Wing with Thomas Kopache and Glenn Morshower. Most recently, Garcia was on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with John Mahon.

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