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A jumpship was a type of small atmospheric shuttlecraft that could be operated by a single pilot. Jumpships were used by Starfleet as emergency evacuation craft in the late 2250s of the alternate reality.


The pilot sat in a cockpit positioned above and forward of the ship's engine. This engine was built with an air intake and exhaust port on the underside. Wings straddled the ship on either side, and could bear several energy weapons. The hull of the jumpship could withstand phaser rifle fire. The jumpship was not equipped with warp drive. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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Background information

Concept artwork of the jumpship was illustrated by James Clyne. (A concept image of the vehicle, on Scott Chambliss' website, can be found here.)

Creation of a three-dimensional version of the jumpship was overseen by Pixomondo Berlin visual effects division supervisor Michael Wortmann. He also added digital extensions to closeups showing the vehicle's cockpit. (Cinefex, No. 134, p. 82)

The ship was called a "Federation jumpship" in the novelization of Star Trek Into Darkness. (p. 75)

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