The Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center was a research facility located on Jupiter Station in Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant where holoprograms were constructed and programmed.

In the late-24th century, Doctor Lewis Zimmerman was the Director of Holographic Imaging and Programming at the station, and it was here that he created the Emergency Medical Hologram.

In 2371, after B'Elanna Torres asked him if anyone told him he had a lousy attitude, The Doctor replied, "If you don't like the doctor's attitude, there's a man sitting in a console in the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center you can write to. His name is Zimmerman." (VOY: "The Cloud")

Later that year, The Doctor experienced a series of illusions, including one in which Reginald Barclay appeared, claiming The Doctor was really Lewis Zimmerman and the crew of USS Voyager were merely holograms he had created in a holodeck at Jupiter Station. (VOY: "Projections")

In 2376, the Voyager crew, still lost in the Delta Quadrant, received news through their monthly datastream communications that Dr. Zimmerman was ill and dying. The ship's Emergency Medical Hologram had devised a treatment to cure Zimmerman, and had his program transmitted through the datastream to the Jupiter Station Holoprogramming Center, where he took Zimmerman as his patient. (VOY: "Life Line")

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