K'Temang was a Klingon warrior and captain of a Bird-of-Prey in 2372. During the Klingon-Cardassian War, his Bird-of-Prey attacked a Cardassian outpost on Korma, leaving no survivors. A number of Bajoran delegates attending a conference there were also killed.

Shortly after, K'Temang was challenged by Gul Dukat, who in disgrace had been relegated command of a small freighter, the Groumall, carrying Major Kira Nerys to the planet. K'Temang scoffed at the threat posed by the freighter and did not bother to cloak his vessel or raise shields. After weapons fire from the Groumall had no effect, K'Temang declined to destroy the ship and headed for Loval.

Afterward, Dukat and Kira lured K'Temang back to the Groumall by making it appear as though there were dilithium aboard. When K'Temang attempted to capture the freighter, his Bird-of-Prey was severely damaged by a system-5 disruptor Dukat and Kira had installed inside the Groumall cargo bay.

K'Temang returned fire, but with his Bird-of-Prey's shields down Dukat and Kira transported aboard and switched K'Temang and his crew with that of the Groumall. Kira then mused "I can just imagine the Klingon Captain explaining this to his superiors..." before Dukat, who had just spotted the ship's weapons control told her, "He won't get the opportunity," before firing on his old ship, destroying it, and the Klingon crew. (DS9: "Return to Grace")

K'Temang was played by regular Trek actor John K. Shull.

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